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Get Started In CrossFit

If you’re looking to get started in CrossFit we are happy to help and have a number of options in place to suit the full spectrum from complete beginners through to experienced CrossFit athletes moving to the area.

Get started

Want to try us out for free?

On Saturdays at 1pm Coach Danny will be taking a small group of beginners through the basics of CrossFit lifting technique followed by a short, intense MetCon workout to give you a true taste of CrossFit training. This forms part of our Elements course and is a great way to get Started.
We also continue to offer our mid week mid morning taster/Element classes on Monday and Wednesday at 11am.

Book your first complimentary session.

If you are able to join us for one of these taster sessions you will already be on your path to completing the CrossFit Elements programme and after a short, 4 session, course will be ready to join as a new member. If you are only able to attend the Saturday sessions we recommend a blend of 2 Elements with a 1hour Fundamentals (see below) to enable you to complete the course within 8-10days.

Our Elements course is made up of 4 group training sessions designed to get you ready for CrossFit training. It covers the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit plus a few other common movements to help build your basic skills and confidence.

If you are an experienced CrossFit athlete looking for a new box please  Contact us with your current box on cc to arrange a free trial at one of our regular sessions*.

*terms and conditions apply

New to CrossFit and decided that you want to get started with us quickly?

For those looking to train with us at early morning, evening and weekend sessions; we run a private Fundamentals course that is 2 hours long, £120 for individuals (or £150 for two people sharing a session). In it you will learn how to safely perform the Fundamental movements of CrossFit. These include; Back Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Deadlift, Press-Up, Press, Push Press, Pull-Up Variations, as well as the medicine ball clean. This will be far from the end of the technique progression and learning but it will allow you to get started and get involved in the work out of the day (WOD). Once you’re involved in these your technique will progress over time.

The aim of these ‘Fundamentals Courses’ is to make sure that you don’t do yourself or anyone else any harm in the gym and allow you to get the most out of your training sessions. You may choose this route as a convenient alternative to the Elements route described above.

Those joining via this route, will be offered a discount from their first month’s membership in lieu of the taster session mentioned above.

Please Contact us and we will be happy to arrange this with you.

New to CrossFit but think you are experienced enough with your lifting technique?

We appreciate that some new CrossFit members are accomplished athletes, sports coaches, personal trainers etc. If you think this applies to you then contact us with some detail about your lifting and/or gymnastic background. If appropriate we will be happy to register you for a test in session at one of our quieter timetable slots. The coach will work alongside you through a regular WOD session to assess your form and introduce you to the box and how CrossFit works. After the session we’ll be able to point you in the right direction for getting signed up for a membership.

Note as above this may include a requirement for additional training in some or all areas of CrossFit technique.

Are you part of a team or group that all want to get started with CrossFit?

We get many sports clubs and groups of friends that train here together so what better way to get started than to book your own private group ‘Fundamentals Course’. Contact us to arrange a private booking for your group to get started.

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