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As the affiliate owner of CrossFit Evolving Kilburn I work closely with my husband, business partner and CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, Scott Tudge, to provide a supportive and fun environment for you to train in and achieve your fitness goals. Scott first introduced me to CrossFit back in 2010 and it opened my eyes to the benefits of coached functional fitness training. I LOVE the community atmosphere especially on long workouts but the tips, hints and encouragement from our coaching team are what makes CrossFit special. We are sure you’ll agree our team here at CrossFit Evolving Kilburn is pretty awesome.

Husband and wife team heading up CrossFit Evolving Kilburn

Emma and Scott Tudge

Our Team

At CrossFit Evolving Kilburn Scott and I are proud to work with a range of skilled and committed coaches to deliver our scheduled group classes and 1:1 training.

Our Head Coach, Dan McNaughton, has been with us since 2016 and has over 18 years experience working with clients to improve their fitness on a 1:1 and group basis. He leads a team of coaches committed to their ongoing professional development – providing regular feedback and knowledge share opportunities to ensure you receive a consistently high quality coaching experience every visit. When you are training with us, we are committed to making your goals our focus and to helping you achieve those, one workout at a time.

Details of the CrossFit and other relevant fitness qualifications held by our coaches and their relevance to your human evolution can be found here 

The biogs below demonstrate the diverse range of skills and experience across our team and the value they can add to your fitness journey with us.

Our coaching team is supported by a small Front of House team who share our passion for CrossFit. They enable members, new and experienced, to get the maximum benefit from training with us and look forward to welcoming you to our community.

Head Coach Dan McNaughton
Head Coach Dan  McNaughton
Gender: Male Experience: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, 18 Years Personal Training Specialty: Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition Phone: +44 (0) 7391 458 455 Email:

I’ve been one on one personal training since 1999 in both New Zealand where I’m from, and London. Over the years I’ve trained actors, sports people and regular Joe’s.

Leading up to that I was a super-geek at school. I got good grades, played D & D, and read books. Played a little soccer and hockey but not very sporty until I found the gym in my early twenties while I was beginning working as a chef.

Decided that the cooking thing wasn’t for me, but that I did love the gym and the benefits it gave me, so I did my full time Exercise Science study and then got to work.

I’m still relatively new to Crossfit, having been a once per week member back in NZ for a couple of years. The learning curve has been steep and I know that I still have a lot to personally improve upon, and that’s what I love most about it.

Most recently my business partner and myself built our personal training studio in Welington up to help 200 members reach their goals, before selling in early 2016 in order to come back to London so that I could continue putting off mid-life responsibilities.

I love to help my clients achieve whatever is important to them regarding their health and fitness, and use the years of experience I have to decide the best method for the individual.

I’m into training, travel, lasagne, still into reading, and loving being part of the Evolving community.

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Danny Brown
Danny  Brown
Gender: Male Experience: CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, 5 Years in the fitness industry Specialty: Strength Phone: 07730037775 Email:
Danny has been a long term member of Evolving since 2014. He has worked in health and fitness since 2012 with a vast experience in personal training and teaching group fitness classes at some of Londons top gyms. He eventually completed his Crossfit level 1 in 2016 and joined our coaching team.
He played county rugby at school, and has also completed a few endurance challenges before finding Crossfit after another PT  introduced it to him.
“I was instantly hooked, loved the community spirit and training methodology associated with crossfit”.
Since then Danny has spent the last few years developing his knowledge and understanding of the sport.
“Crossfit got me out my comfort zone, made me learn new skills and  new limits that my body was capable of.”
He particularly enjoys coaching Crossfit to beginner athletes , as well as supporting our Competition teams. His passion and enthusiasm and soundtrack are second to none.
He also has a large collection of snapback hats and buys new pair of trainers every month!
Crossfit level 1
Crossfit online judges course
Crossfit scaling course
Crossfit spot the flaw
Level 3 personal trainer
Ymca Kettlebells
Ymca stretch and conditioning
Rowing WOD certified instructor
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Mehmed Fikretov
Mehmed Fikretov
Gender: Male Experience: BWLA Level 2, National Weightlifting Champion, Junior European Champion Specialty: Weightlifting Phone: Email:

Originally from Bulgaria Mehmed has a wealth of weightlifting experience as both Coach and Elite level competitor on the international stage.

Whether you are a weightlifting newbie or an experienced lifter; Mehmed will have the cues and programming to develop you to the next level.

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Nicole Avramides
Nicole  Avramides
Gender: Female Experience: CrossFit Level 2, Yoga instructor Specialty: Yoga Phone: Email:

Nicole holds a number of CrossFit Coaching and Yoga Instruction qualifications to match her experience and passion for developing the health and fitness of our community.

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Charles Ingell
Charles  Ingell
Gender: Male Experience: 1 year Specialty: CrossFit Kids Phone: Email:

Having dedicated the majority of my time at university to sport, it was perhaps a fitting next progression to pursue a career in sport and fitness. I have always loved competing and pushing my physical and mental barriers, so naturally stumbling upon CrossFit was an inevitable love story! I have played golf, tennis, football and rugby from a young age. I am a Karate black belt and am an experienced climber and skier.

Whether you’re looking for your first push up or pull up or looking to compete at a high level; I am here to coach you towards your goals.

I’m always striving to better myself, whether that be in my personal coaching knowledge or my own CrossFit training, and this is something which I hope resonates through my coaching style and technique! As I evolve I hope you can evolve with me, improving yourself one workout at a time.

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Rachel Hosker
Rachel  Hosker
Gender: Female Experience: 1-2 Years Specialty: Mobility Phone: Email:

Rachel is a professional dancer, choreographer, actor and director with a genuine passion for CrossFit and coaching.

Rachel has been an active member of our community since 2014 and a member of our team since 2016.

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Laura Polato
Laura Polato
Gender: Female Experience: CF-Level 1, REPS Level 3 Specialty: Nutrition Phone: Email:

Laura is a coach passionate about helping everyone towards their fitness and health goals; no matter what your starting point.

She has a special interest in nutrition and when she is not hosting seminars or nutrition consults you will find her in the box coaching, greeting members or joining in a session herself.

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Scott Tudge
Scott Tudge
Gender: Male Experience: CrossFit Level 3, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Gymnastics, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Mobility, CrossFit Sport Specialty: Affiliate Co-Owner; MSc Bio-Mechanics of Sports and Exercise Phone: +44 (0)7867 805 007 Email:

My aim is to make this fitness experience all about you. I have one very simple promise: to do all I can for you, all of the time. Personal training should be exactly that, it should be training based around your individual needs and goals. That is why all of my program designs and training sessions are unique depending on our agreed direction. We will plot your start point, your desired end point and a time frame for reaching your goals.

This will allow us to track your progression and keep you in line to achieve your desired fitness levels. Depending on your specific requirements this could take place over 6 months or it could take as little as 2 weeks. I have used this method over my 13 years of training and have had great success with all of my dedicated clients.

  • 13 years Personal Training experience
  • Over 12,000 client hours
  • MSc Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise
  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Science
  • CSCS – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • ACSM Health Fitness Instructor (HFI)
  • Boxing Coach Level 1 (BBBofC)
  • BAWLA – British Amateur Weightlifting Association
  • Ante and Postnatal Training
  • First Aid & AED
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